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Orlando Property Management by Bahia = Real Estate Ownership Peace of Mind

Buying real estate in Orlando (or anywhere in Florida, for that matter) is a major investment in both time and money. Investment property — such as vacation homes and residential rental properties — can present additional challenges with respect to property upkeep, finding and keeping tenants, financial paperwork and more.

However, with Bahia International Realty's Orlando Property Management services, you can reap the rewards of Orlando real estate ownership without property management headaches, even when you're absent! More importantly, with our comprehensive affordable property management plans, you'll enjoy peace of mind that your property will be entrusted to caring, experienced property management professionals.

Our residential property management Orlando services include:


Tenant acquisition and management (landlord services)

  • Obtain tenants for your property
  • Screen tenants, including credit and background checks
  • Bill and collect rents
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with leases


Property maintenance and upkeep

  • Complete handyman services for day-to-day minor repairs and compliance with building codes
  • Groundskeeping services, including mowing, landscaping, trash removal, swimming pool servicing, etc.
  • Move-in and move-out compliance; i.e., ensure that property damage during moves is eliminated and/or compensated
  • Referrals to, and optional oversight of, pre-screened contractors for major property repairs


Bill payments, recordkeeping and reports

  • Establish bank accounts on your behalf
  • Monthly reconciliation of tenant occupancy status and rent receipts
  • Payments of all insurance, tax, utility, repairs and other pre-approved expenses
  • Provide reports as needed to your tax advisor or accountant


If you have special requirements to make your Orlando real estate ownership hassle-free, please ask us!


Property Management As You Want It — It's your Choice!

Bahia Property Management recognizes that, as an Orlando property owner, you may want to pick and choose the level of property management services you'd like to have. So we've made it easy and affordable for you to take advantage of peace-of-mind real estate ownership, so you can be as hands-on (or not) as you wish:


Option Find Tenants Property Management Fee

Find Tenants only

Bahia Property Management

Property Owner One (1) Month's Rent (capped at $1,500) per Property
Bahia does it all!Bahia Property Management Bahia Property Management One (1) Month's Rent (capped at $1,500) per Property plus 10% of Monthly Rent


Make the smart move now — call Bahia Property Management in Orlando at 407-956-5441, or email us, and discover how property management can be a worthwhile yet highly affordable investment for your Orlando real estate investment.


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